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Our Students

Commitment & Growth

At Mindfulness Academy UK, our students are self-directed people committed to their own growth and transformation. Our students tend to be the ones who are called to a larger purpose, who seek deeper fulfilment through service to others.

Investment in You

The best part is that the benefit doesn’t go solely to your future clients.  Even before you’ve completed the pathway, you’ll feel a deeper sense of yourself and be able to connect to a deeper part in those around you. We do this by encouraging opportunities for students to learn from each other and relate to a variety of different learning experiences.

In all of these endeavours, we emphasize compassion, competence, and inquiry.


Student Directed Learning

Our aim is to put control over the learning process into our student’s hands. Most educational institutions function on Teacher-Directed Learning. MAuk works with Student Directed Learning which moves the locus of control away from the teacher and toward the student (from outer authority to inner). This means that our students play an active part in assessing their learning outcomes using the Mindfulness Based Intervention – Teaching and Assessment Criteria.

Enjoying high levels of responsibility and direction, we ask that our students use this to make a commitment to your own inner search for truth and meaning.  This process requires courage and confidence in order to fully discover who you are and how you approach life.