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Teacher Training Pathways

Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training

The 21st century needs qualified teachers and practitioners of Mindfulness-based interventions.

Mindfulness Academy UK’s Teacher Training pathways, teach Mindfulness-Based Interventions that are designed to give you all the practical skills you need to become a competent teacher. Integrating modern Western psychological research, a philosophy of mindfulness, and ancient Buddhist practices, mindfulness interventions are valuable to everyone who practices these principles. The practices touch upon some of our most innate human needs‘ like connection, contentment, groundedness, compassion, inquiry and authenticity.

All interventions begin with the premise that practitioners of mindfulness develop and grow these skills themselves by routinely using the informal and formal practices and integrating what they are learning into their daily lives.

Mindfulness Academy UK Delivers High Quality Training

Our Exacting Standards:

With our exacting standards, our certification provides you with credibility and respect within the field. You can be certain that a Certificate of Competency means completion of rigorous training standards and comprehensive experiential learning.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers:

Our Mindfulness Teachers are from the UK and Europe, whose focus is experiential learning that includes both theory and practice of Mindfulness-based Approaches.

Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching and Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC):

Students will assess their own and others competency by using the Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching and Assessment Criteria. MBI-TAC is a teaching and learning tool that ensures the integrity of Mindfulness-based Intervention’s and is essential for the growth and experience of Mindfulness practitioners and teachers. When students are fully informed by the direction of their learning, it is easier to discern their individual paths and proclivities as future trainers.

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Good Practice Guidelines:

Mindfulness Academy UK is founded on the UK Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisation’s Good Practice Guidelines that have been developed for teachers. We offer high-quality pathways that meet the same rigorous standards as the leading universities. Our pathways follow the stages of learning set out in the guidelines and we regularly review and evaluate theses to ensure we stay updated and connected to the experience of our students and the wider evolving field of Mindfulness.


Access to New Life Experiences:

Our pathways will give you access to new life experiences. You’ll learn mindfulness meditation and psycho educational techniques in order to skilfully identity your automatic patterns while simultaneously learning to develop a curiosity and a joy for life as it is. You’ll sense that your choices and resilience expand to mindfully meet all obstacles, thus improving your wellbeing and clarity and increasing your awareness of our interconnection.