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About MAuk

Mindfulness Academy UK knows that offering quality Mindfulness training will support the growing body of research & evidence that shows the positive impact of mindfulness on our mental health and well-being.

Our Purpose

To provide mindfulness training pathways which create competent, skilful, and compassionate teachers of Mindfulness Based Approaches.

Our Vision

To be a leading academy of excellence in Mindfulness Approaches and to train teachers to thoughtfully cultivate mindfulness in our global community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent and rigorous learning environments that allow participants to discover and explore the fundamental aspects and key features of Mindfulness approaches. These will include a full range of relevant, current and progressive subjects that are supportive to learning and teaching.  The learning environment will support their growth in becoming experienced, perceptive, and autonomous practitioners.

Mindfulness Academy Acknowledges:

Mindfulness cannot be copyrighted and is not intellectual property. It is an inherent human capacity in every individual.

Teaching and learning from our own authentic experience enables us to find and express our creative competence. This directly and positively effects the transmission of what is been taught.

Body intelligence, or a Felt-Sense of experience, has an equal value to our intellectual capacities, or Intellectual Perception. Giving equal value to both allows us to close the gap in the mind/body that we currently experience in our culture.

Practicing Mindfulness has the potential to positively impact and enhance our understanding and experience of our mental health and well-being.

As Mindfulness opens into our culture and society, previously untapped internal resilience and resources will become available, which will help us with the rapid growth of the 21st century.