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“If we are to change the ways we live, then we must also change the ways we learn.”

..Nick Osborne – Learning Edge

At Mindfulness Academy UK we recognise that retraining is a major life decision and we work hard to honour your choice.

MAuk offers Mindfulness teacher training pathways that are more than just professional development.

For those looking to integrate their personal and professional lives, our approaches will help you do just that. Our Mindfulness Pathways include not only academic and theoretical study, but a full exploration of the interconnected social and personal aspects of life.

Mindfulness Academy UK uses the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers as the gold standard for our trainers and students. But for us, it’s not just about meeting criteria or setting high standards. We deeply believe that these practice standards can inform and improve both our learning and teaching and the way we approach our lives.

Our Mindfulness Teacher Training pathways are an alternative route from the leading universities, without losing validity and trustworthiness. 

Mindfulness Academy UK  is a purpose driven organisation.
Our purpose is:

“Enlivening human awareness by connecting
minds and hearts with Mindfulness Approaches.”

Some of the many benefits of being a Mindfulness Practitioner:

  • Self Awareness & Mastery.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Self Regulation.
  • Focused Attention.
  • Empathy for others.
  • Practices and perspectives for creating the life you want.

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Our Transformative Teacher Training Pathways. 
Inspiring you to know yourself. 

Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care
through Menstrual Cycle Awareness.
A radical new approach to women’s health,
well-being and leadership.

Mindfulness Research & Evidence shows significant impact on our mental health and well-being and Mindfulness Teacher Training courses are in demand. Be part of a group of influential women to shape the very first teacher training pathway for Women’ Self-Care. Elaine Rose Leela invites you to join her in influencing this high standard, transformational Mindfulness Course for Women. Apply now and you save £1200.

Apply now and receive 40% off the full fee.

Participate in this first ever Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care through their
Menstrual Cycle 12 month Teacher Training programme. Apply now and you save £1200.

Why choose us?

Mindfulness Academy UK provides a unique and distinguishing Mindfulness Teacher Training Pathway unlike any other training provider.

Our training programmes have been designed to give you month by month engagement with a curriculum which covers all the key themes of Mindfulness approaches. Meeting face to face regularly in the first year creates a momentum to fully integrate the learning and teaching processes needed to become an effective and competent teacher of Mindfulness Interventions. In the second year you will be a distance learner, self studying and working alongside a qualified experienced Mindfulness teacher and engaging in assessed teaching practice. From the very outset you will be placed in a peer triad with whom you will build relationships of trust with as you journey together in becoming Mindfulness teachers. Supported by a mentor and a supervisor throughout your training, the focus of the assessment is the Assignments and Practices Portfolio.

Our Student Directed approach moves the locus of control away from the teacher and toward the student (from outer authority to inner). This means that our students play an active part in assessing their learning outcomes using the Mindfulness Based Intervention – Teaching and Assessment Criteria. Assessing your own learning and teaching competencies to discover your potentials and teaching capabilities.

Successful completion of the program leads to a Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses. Having this recognized qualification you will be able to set up and deliver mbsr and Mindfulness-based Approaches in the context of your work or as an independent Mindfulness Teacher. 

Our Teachers are trained and qualified from the following training providers.

Breathworks Mindfulness
Compassionate Mind Foundation
MSc Mindfulness Teacher Training
Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice
MSc Mindfulness Approaches
Mindfulness in Schools Project

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